Ooops, Forgot Someone

by Bob Sparrow

I mentally went through every neighbor that lived in the ‘hood or ever lived in the ‘hood when putting the last post together, but apparently the ‘mentally’ isn’t working so well.  I was reminded that I change Steve Seeley’s name to Richard Seeley, but other than that I thought I did a pretty good job of being all-inclusive.

Not so fast, sparkler breath, there was a family that I forgot, but I think when I make my case for why I forgot them you’ll understand.

First, here’s a picture of the family I forgot.

DSC00595    DSC00616

Mark & Kathy Johnson, Kristin & baby Brielle                      Kenny, Brielle and Kristin Overby

Yes, I missed the Johnson family, but we barely knew them; case in point

  • We’ve lived in the same neighborhood for over 28 years
  • We’ve been best friends for about 27 years
  • Our son, Jeff and their son Garrett have been best friends since they were about 6 months old – they’re 28 now.
  • Our daughter Dana and their daughter Kristin are the best of friends
  • We’ve only been on 20 – 30 vacations together with them
  • We attended Kenny & Kristin’s wedding in Mexico a couple of years ago

So I think it’s fairly obvious how easy it was for me to forget about them completely.



4 comments on “Ooops, Forgot Someone

  1. I actually noticed they were missing, but thought maybe you didn’t like them anymore. Just kidding!! 🙂

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