No More Moammar

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

As you sit down today sipping your coffee,

Be glad we can all say good-bye to Gadhafi.

As the rebels took Tripoli and wiped off their brow,

They all looked around and said, “What happens now?”

It looks like the case of Strauss-Kahn is dismissed;

It seems there were problems with the hotel help Miss.

She was good with white sheets and white towells, but alas,

Her work with white lies is what foiled her ass.

All sports fans are grinning and we know the reason;

It’s because it’s the end and the start of two seasons.

In baseball the teams that are best are convening

And games on the gridiron will finally have meaning.

Kris Humphries doesn’t realize the bash he is in

Becoming the ‘next’ husband of a Kardashian;

The New Jersey Net somehow just didn’t know

That the wedding was just a reality show.

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