Mother Nature is Not Happy

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The east coast was surprised by a 5.8 earthquake,

Causing buildings to sway a bit and nervous knees to shake.

Now Hurricane Irene is bearing down as a Cat 3,

Evacuations have begun to avoid the wind and sea.

U.S. financial firms are making a big play,

Moving into  Hong Kong, where they’re seeking big pay days.

But in another part of Asia, Japan has been downgraded,

The once-robust economy now seems vulnerable and faded.

While there continues a review of college programs and their warts,

We pay homage to Tennessee’s  heroine of women’s sports.

Pat Summitt now battles Alzheimer’s and we all wish her well,

Her ethics and her conduct should inspire and compel.

Lightening burned the home of Richard Branson to the ground,

His Necker Island retreat has been a place of some renown.

Kate Winslet was there, saved Richard’s mom and didn’t panic,

Do you think she learned life-saving skills while filming “The Titanic”?

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