Steins on the Rhein – Rollin’ On The River

by Bob Sparrow

viking     Next Tuesday I will be on the road again, this time to Amsterdam for a Viking River Cruise down the Rhein River to Basal, Switzerland.   Just like prior to leaving for Africa earlier this year, I’m noting here some pre-trip  anxiety .  Prior to Africa I was concerned about everything from getting malaria (we didn’t see a bug the whole time) to being murdered (our guide killed us, in a humorous way), so all my fears were eventually allayed.  But now on the eve of our river cruise, several events have given me pause.

Two couple friends of ours have taken river cruises this year in Europe, the river flooded one couple out and changed their itinerary, and a river lock damaged the aft of the other couple’s boat and they had to stay ashore for three days.  That’s 2-for-2, so it would seem that we could be in for a few surprises.  Here are three of my concerns:

My wife thinks she knows German (she took two years in high school) and I fear that she is going to misspeakriver cruise and get us in the middle of  a Neo-Nazi head-shaving ceremony.

While we thought that October would be a great time to go to Germany to enjoy Oktoberfest, we’ve come to find out that it is mostly in September and will be over two days before we get there, so I fear we’ll get to see the Hungoverfest.

And finally, there is free wine and beer on board for the entire 8 days we’re on the cruise, so someone will probably fall overboard . . . just hope it isn’t me . . . again.

man overStay tuned for the reality of The Rhein River Cruise – or at least reality as I see it, which may be a bubble off plum.

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