Coffee’s A Little Bitter This Morning

Monday, August 22, 2011

Gadhafi is in hiding, his regime has finally crumbled,                                                                  The rebels took the city and his bravado took a tumble.                                                          Now order must be restored in the whole of Tripoli,                                                                  Will there be peace in Libya?  Let’s just wait and see.

Computers now do our trading, sending stocks on wild rides,                                                  But do phony bids by insiders cause the selling slides?                                                    Whether it’s machines or savvy  investors depends on your point of view,                             All we know is that the little guy ends up getting screwed.

And on this Monday morning, instead of talking points and scores,                                       We want to comment on a trend that we censure and deplore.                                                  At Candlestick two fans were shot and one was beaten badly,                                                      It seems sportsmanship and perspective have disappeared, sadly.

Finally, Pixar has announced its making a film about the brain,                                                To explore just how we think and why some things are such a strain.                                 They hope to find an answer to why we find a tune enjoying,                                                  But end up with a “song worm” that is so darn annoying!