The Pigs in the Market

Friday, August 19, 2011

That little piggy put gold in his shopping cart.

And that little piggy bought short, they’re looking oh so smart.

But this little piggy took advice from his broker on the phone

And now I’m going wee wee wee back to my foreclosed home.


Wells Fargo plans to charge a fee to use their debit card;

Another act of greed imposed without customer regard.

They made some bad decisions making loans that were sub-prime,

Now they plan to get their millions back, three dollars at a time.

Goodell told Terrelle Pryor that the things he did in school

Will be punished by the NFL – did he just make that rule?

As Roger looks around the league I wonder, could it be

That Reggie Bush will sit out games for sins at USC?

Katy Perry just tied Michael, no, not for wardrobe glitz,

But for making just one album with five number one hits.

She was the first female to do it, but that feat’s a little shady;

Though Michael was born a poor Afro male, he die a rich, white lady.