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  1. Mike and I graduated from high school and went to the prom. He hid a bottle of champagne in a creek and we drove to Dillon Beach. Over the summer I spent time with his sister Susan who left for a trip to the Basque Country to visit her grandmother. I loved Mike’s home and family. He had nice parents and told me stories about them. I remember he kept a horse and maybe some chickens. You could go over to his house and swim in the pool. He said he wanted to be a vet. He also said he wanted to join the Marines like his father. He went to College of Marin and I to UCSB and I did not visit him or the family again after high school and when he died in Vietnam.

    I have remembered Mike and his family over these years, going to his gravesite, driving down Vineyard to get a look at his house, reading the obituaries in the Novato and Marin papers. I was able to get information about his death at the Marine Corps and can share that with the family. I spoke to Susan once about Mike by phone from my mother’s house in Novato and learned about the whereabouts of her family at the time. I hope this post reaches them and shows how much I thought of Mike and how his death affected me.

    • Jean, thank you so much for your thoughtful comment. I believe that Susan follows the comments for this post, but I have also sent her a message in case she does not see yours. I hope all is well with you.

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