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Bob Sparrow & Suzanne Sparrow Watson



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  1. Dear SSW: OMG! I just came across your mention of Bette Reese, and you filled in info for us who had her as a journalism professor at College of Marin. I was a long time friend of hers until she sadly passed way too soon and have pictures you may like. I even visited her grave in Logan a few years back on the way to Jackson Hole. Would love to talk with you some day!!

    Ron Treleven
    Sebastopol (Sonoma County), CA


  2. Thank you for the invitation to join you’re { from abirdseyerevie} I vaguely remember Bob when he attended Westminster College, he was the witty sole of his group if I remember correctly. I may have him confused with some else,
    however. I also remember him as a hard-charging. Parson Football player. Will you two start daily newspaper soon >

    • Thanks Bulldog for subscribing – hope you and your family have a much HAPPIER new year!! Don’t hold your breath on a daily newspaper!

  3. Hello to you both. My name is Kim and you both know my mother pretty well, Lovetta Craig? I recently went back to school and needed to do some research for my English class and on my Facebook timeline I asked if anyone could direct me to some “blogs”. My wonderful mother chimed in under 2 minutes of my post and directed me to you. I’ve been sitting here for the last 2 1/2 hours at least, reading through all your adventures, and let me just say that its been a great 2 1/2 hours!!! I have laughed out loud, cried and learned lots of great new things. I actually forgot what I was supposed to be researching for my English class while reading through everything. I am now a subscriber and will be eagerly waiting for Mondays stories of you and Dash the wonder dog!

    Happy Holidays,

    • Thanks Kim, yes your mother is a dear friend and old high school classmate, although she was a class behind mine. Such a great comment you left, we are so glad to have you as a new subscriber and hope we can continue to entertain you for years to come. Say hi to your mom and thank you again for your kind words and subscription!

  4. Regarding your article *They Were Soldiers* please contact me – my lost brother is one of the people you commented on, and I would like to know more.

    • Hello – who was your brother? I have included most of what is available in the post but the original source material can be found at http://www.coffeltdatabase.org/. Please let me know if you need any further information. I am so sorry for your loss.


  5. I recently received a call from one of Bob’s and my school friends–Bink McBride. He lives in Arizona and would like to contact “Moe” AKA Bob. His email address is pwmcbrideaz@gmail.com. My information is below. If any questions, just let me know. Thanks!

    • Thanks, Fran!! Always think of you when I write – I miss talking with you about a lot of things but especially our love of writing. Hope you are well.


  6. I love this! Good luck with the “skiing thing”. I lived in Lake Tahoe for 5 years and managed to avoid it. I just hate being cold. I stayed back at the cabin or condo and made fabulous food and cocktails for everyone’s triumpant return at the end of the day. Do what you excell at and enjoy!

  7. I’m subscribing today to be able to keep LIFE a little lighter and keep the connection to the FAMOUS Sparrow writing, and clever observations; For know, begin the flow, I will expect that Morning News in Verse, will set a high standard for a more positive journalism than we’re accustomed to having thrown at us by “if it bleeds, it leads” mentality.
    “Go Ahead Make My Day” (somebody once said)

  8. You two make the gloomy days of winter a bit more bright each morning
    keep up the rhymes of the times
    P.S. Happy Birthday Moe man

  9. What a delight!!

    Some of these put “things” in perfect perspective;
    and some just leave me feeling “reflective.”

    • Arno – thanks so much for your nice comment! Our goal is to give everyone something to think about or chuckle about every morning so I’m glad we’ve done that for you. If you want to you can subscribe and the post will go to your email every morning so you don’t have to log into anything to get it. And we don’t give out email addresses to anyone so it’s safe. Hope you are doing well. Suzanne

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