Coffee’s A Little Bitter This Morning

Monday, August 22, 2011

Gadhafi is in hiding, his regime has finally crumbled,                                                                  The rebels took the city and his bravado took a tumble.                                                          Now order must be restored in the whole of Tripoli,                                                                  Will there be peace in Libya?  Let’s just wait and see.

Computers now do our trading, sending stocks on wild rides,                                                  But do phony bids by insiders cause the selling slides?                                                    Whether it’s machines or savvy  investors depends on your point of view,                             All we know is that the little guy ends up getting screwed.

And on this Monday morning, instead of talking points and scores,                                       We want to comment on a trend that we censure and deplore.                                                  At Candlestick two fans were shot and one was beaten badly,                                                      It seems sportsmanship and perspective have disappeared, sadly.

Finally, Pixar has announced its making a film about the brain,                                                To explore just how we think and why some things are such a strain.                                 They hope to find an answer to why we find a tune enjoying,                                                  But end up with a “song worm” that is so darn annoying!

The Pigs in the Market

Friday, August 19, 2011

That little piggy put gold in his shopping cart.

And that little piggy bought short, they’re looking oh so smart.

But this little piggy took advice from his broker on the phone

And now I’m going wee wee wee back to my foreclosed home.


Wells Fargo plans to charge a fee to use their debit card;

Another act of greed imposed without customer regard.

They made some bad decisions making loans that were sub-prime,

Now they plan to get their millions back, three dollars at a time.

Goodell told Terrelle Pryor that the things he did in school

Will be punished by the NFL – did he just make that rule?

As Roger looks around the league I wonder, could it be

That Reggie Bush will sit out games for sins at USC?

Katy Perry just tied Michael, no, not for wardrobe glitz,

But for making just one album with five number one hits.

She was the first female to do it, but that feat’s a little shady;

Though Michael was born a poor Afro male, he die a rich, white lady.

Perry, Bernanke and Tiger, Oh My!

Thursday, August 18th

The U.S. wants Assad to step aside,

We can no longer tolerate his genocide.

Perry slams Bernanke, Obama’s on a bus,

But is anyone really looking out for us?

Newspapers are being stolen in moves quite rash,

So coupons can be clipped to save extra cash.

The Justice Department is probing S&P,

HHS proposes clear language for health policies.

The “death penalty” may be invoked on Miami,

And Suh has been hit with a fine that’s a whammy.

Expanded MLB playoffs are now in doubt,

And Freddy may pick Tiger to help the team out.

Kim Kardashian is consulting with Vera Wang,

Brian Wilson’s re-writing songs for the Disney gang.

“Watch the Throne” now rules the music world,

And wouldn’t it have been better if Depardieu had just hurled?

All The News That’s Fit To Rhyme

Wednesday, Aug 17, 2011

Joe Biden’s off to China just to court this favored nation,

But their currency’s devalued due to their own manipulation.

As the bombing in Iraq takes on a darker tone,

We wonder if by year’s end if our troops are coming home.

The market still is shaky, see the French and Germans squirm

As they try to get their Euro mates to make their budgets firm.

Rupert and James Murdoch keep denying they knew much;

Can it be these media magnets are that far out of touch?

And then there’s poor Chris Johnson, he’s really got it tough,

To be the top paid running back is simply not enough.

Verlander, the Tiger’s ace, put number 18 on the board;

It looks like he is on his way to his first Cy Young Award.

The name of Casey Anthony still brings a shuttered chill,

Now her parents are the opening act for the premier of Dr. Phil.

American’s  Got Talent is number one which helps explain the reason

That we’ve had enough of reruns,  let’s start the new fall season.

  Tuesday, Aug 16, 2011

The GOP’s on the move, thrown in hats it is raining;

Only 18 more months of no holds barred campaigning.

We’ll all be confused about who we should blame;

While the prez says it’s time to stop all the games.

Google buys a cell phone ‘cuz they have a lot of cash.

Is the market coming back or is it going to crash?

The electric car, once popular, is now running out of juice,

And S & P got downgraded, seems we’ve killed the golden goose.

Jim Thome intimidates most pitchers when he steps up to the plate

He’s just hit number six oh oh and joins a group of eight.

But the season’s winding down for those who hit the ball;

We’re ready for the spotlight on those gutsy boys of fall.

Unbroken and A Stolen Life inspire those who read them,

And drugs are not made fast enough for all of those that need them.

The ‘monkeys’ top the ‘maids’ at the movies for the week;

And it seems that 1960 styles have all become quite Sheik.