This post will be short, for reasons that will become clear.  But first, I have to applaud my former school, San Diego State, on reaching the NCAA basketball Championship game.  Granted, while I spend every Saturday in the fall watching college football, I do not usually follow college basketball.  In fact, before last week I could not have named one player on the SDSU team, much less the coach.  But I’ve been paying attention since they beat Alabama, the #1 seed.  As a diehard Pac 12 (or whatever our number is now) fan, I love any victory over an SEC team.  San Diego State is a relative newcomer to the NCAA tournament, and I admire their underdog mentality.  Frankly, at half time I had pretty much given up on them.  But the buzzer-beating basket to clinch the game was one for the ages. Who would have thought that lowly SDSU would reach such heights? In the game, “Never Did I Ever”, I would have placed one of my alma mater’s being in the Final Four as one of my big lies.  So, I’m very proud of a state school reaching the pinnacle of college basketball.  I’m keeping my fingers crossed for tonight.  An Aztec win might not be the ultimate Cinderella story, but it’s darn close.

Now, an explanation of why this post will be short.  After more than three years of ducking Covid, both my husband and I came down with it two weeks ago.  He is recovering from tongue cancer surgery (yes, a bit of a buried lead) and his tongue is still swollen, so I was very concerned about how Covid might affect his already-compromised ability to swallow.  Our doctor ordered Paxlovid for us in an attempt to usher the virus out at quickly as possible.  Fortunately, my husband mostly had the sniffles and after four days he was feeling much better.  I experienced more symptoms than he did but after a week I tested negative.  Alas, just like my SDSU team, we’re also good at rebounding, as late last week we both tested positive again.  The main activity in our house these days is napping. And although many of my friends blamed it on taking the Paxlovid, in another San Diego connection, the doctors at the UCSD School of Medicine analyzed a large population of people with Covid and found that the number of people who rebounded was the same, whether they were on Paxlovid or not.  So, I can’t even blame the drug.

The doctors say to eat chicken soup, rest and watch Netflix.  I’m adding in some cake and hope that by next post I have the energy to write something more entertaining.  In the meantime, if you want entertainment tune in to the Championship game tonight.  GO AZTECS!

8 comments on “REBOUND!

  1. A great win
    The kid who made the buzzer beater played high school basketball at Wasatch Academy in Mt. Pleasant Utah. I coached there after graduating from Westminster College in 1968.
    They are now a national power, traveling all over the country to play other elite teams.
    I like to tell friends I started the tradition.
    They don’t believe me!

    • I think you should get ALL the credit, Terry! Sad to see them lose last night but such a credit that they made it to the championship game. All due to you, of course!!

    • Pam, I wish. Alan is now positive again. Seems to be sticking with us but hopefully we’re near the end!!

  2. I hate to disagree w people who have meficsl degrees but in this case I will. Not one person I know who had Covid and did Not take Paxlovid got a rebound case but many who did take it did get Covid again. It seems to be the trend. Especially when you had been careful fir 3 years and you certainly weren’t reckless at home caring for someone who was also not going out. Could be your negative test was a false positive and you still had it.

    • I think the amount of things we don’t know about Covid far exceeds what we do. Some year we may get all the answers to this thing!

  3. Oh, Suzanne! So sorry to hear about Alan and tongue cancer and to hear about both of you and COVID! I would have requested Paxlovid too. Please take great care – sending love, prayers and positive energy your way! And, oh yes – Go Aztecs!

    • Thanks, Janet. Alan has now rebounded so at least maybe that means we’re getting near the end of this! So sad about the Aztecs but they did well to get to the championship game! ❤️

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