Imprisoned at Hoag – Epilogue

by Bob Sparrow

As much as I enjoyed the care I got at Hoag hospital following my knee-replacement surgery, I was not looking to return to that venue any time soon.  That plan was working up until about two weeks following surgery.  The knee was healing nicely, but I wasn’t feeling so good – fever, chills, vomiting, rapid heart rate.  So, Linda took me to a Hoag Emergency Center, where they took my temperature (103), my heart rate (140), blood pressure (off the charts either high or low, I don’t remember) and they looked me in the eye and said, “You’re sick!”

So back to Hoag Hospital I went – diagnosis: Sepsis. I really didn’t know much about Sepsis, but as I Googled it, I became more alarmed – it’s serious!  Infected kidneys and a urinary track infection were causing significant blood problems.  I was started on an antibiotic, but was told that a blood test and analysis, which would take about 48 hours to complete, was needed to find the specific antibiotic to fight this serious infection.  So, for two days, I was on one antibiotic and when test results came back, I was switched to another antibiotic for the next two days.  Neither seemed to knock the Sepsis out, so a third antibiotic was tried.  Whether it was a combination of all the antibiotics or the elevated white blood cell count that was fighting the infection, eventually the fever went away.

After five days in the hospital, I was finally released.  I felt like I was getting out of a prison camp where I was being tortured via sleep-deprivation techniques.  Other parts of the torture were, day-time TV which included a constant barrage of bad news.  Before leaving the hospital I was given a ‘mid-line’, which is a port in my arm so that antibiotics can be administered at home – which continued for another six days.

Now that I’m home, I have ventured all the way out to the end of the driveway, so I’m hoping future blogs will be a bit more interesting.

Thank you to those sending prayers and well-wishes my way – much appreciated.

33 comments on “Imprisoned at Hoag – Epilogue

  1. Bob:

    So very scary! Glad to hear you are on the mend. I left a message for you on fb messenger…did you receive it?

    • Thanks Sue, yes, happy to be on the mend. Got your message and looking forward to seeing you and Denise.

  2. OMG U Bobbie! We did not know! That crap is serious! Glad you are out of the weeds, but sounds like you might have a few “roots” left to get out of your body! Yikes. Scary. You hang in there and recover 1,000 % so we can enjoy some Adult Beverages soon! Thanks for sharing your story!

    We love you!

    Brad, Betsy, Riley, Allie & Zac

    • Thanks Uncle Bad, yes, it’s good to be on the road to recovery, I’ve found that Sepsis is nothing to fool around with.

  3. Glad to hear you’re out of danger! Linda must be relieved of the fear that stuff brings.
    Still the Strongest Guy I know. Get well fast ,October is around the bend!!!!

    • Thank you to my longest lasting buddy! I’m doing well and looking forward to the October get together – look forward to seeing you and Carole.

  4. Sorry to hear that Bob, that is some serious shit-glad you are on the mend. Day time TV will only make you sicker!

    • Good to hear from you Don; you got that right, day time tv is horrible. Hope all is well with the Thorsens

  5. Sorry to hear about your problems. I have enjoyed your writing and you are a terrific story teller. I hope that you continue in recovery mode and are soon fully restored to good health!

  6. This is good news BOB SPARROW!!!!!!! So happy you’re getting out…that driveway of yours is quite long!!!! Continued prayers and positive thoughts going your way!!!!!! It IS hard to keep a good man down……..!!!!!!!

    • Thank you Caro!, I lied about the end of the driveway, I only got about half way, but I’m getting better every day.

  7. Well, this is quite an epilogue, Bob. You know the old saying, “one day in a hospital bed needs 3 days to recover at home”. Hang in there, kid. We’ll look forward to your next blog but not until you have recovered completely!!!

  8. Bob: So sorry you had that experience. Horrible thing to endure. Glad you are out of harm’s way. Sepsis is nothing to let go unattended. Glad that Linda hustled you back to the emergency room.
    Here’s to continued healing. From a fellow fake knee recipient.
    Cheers !

    • Thanks Patty, hopefully there will be more funny blog going forward, I think I’m done with the serious medical part of my life!

  9. Oh Bob! So very sorry to hear this! Sending thoughts, prayers and positive energy your way! Keep us posted!

  10. So sorry to hear about your illness, Bob. Sounds really scary, but glad you went to the hospital for treatment and that you are on the mend, I have had surgery twice at Hoag. Thought it was a great hospital. One time I had a corner room with a great view of the ocean. Still not worth being in there. Hope you continue to do well. You will be in our prayers for a speedy recovery. Take care, cousin once removed I think. Sue

  11. Thanks for the update, I am praying, and will continue, Linda did good in knowing her husband. Long story there, last wife was in a rehab center and even they failed to not a problem.

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