Adios Amigos?

by Bob Sparrow

Here’s us relaxing on our Mexican cruise

Last week the wife says, “Hey, Bob, wanna go . . . .”, and before she could finish the sentence, I say, “Sure”.  And then ask, where are we going and with whom?  “Mexico, with no one else” she replies.  Then I wondered, ‘Is she just sending me to Mexico with a one-way ticket’?”  She says, “It’s a cruise and we’re both going and it leaves on Monday!”

So, I say, “Let me get this straight, you’ve booked us on a cruise ship, which for the last year-and-a-half has been a germ-infested, floating petri dish and we’re going to a country that is rated ‘HIGH’ in terms of risk level for COVID-19.  Is that correct?”  “Yes, she replies, “but it’s not rated ‘VERY HIGH’ and I got a great deal!”

For Linda, nothing trumps a good deal, apparently not even death.

I Googled ‘Is it safe to travel to Cabo San Lucas?’ and found:

“Because of the current situation in Mexico, all travelers may be at risk for getting and spreading COVID-19 variants.”

Not a good start!  I then found a site that gave me the risk levels of the various aspects of traveling to Cabo.  Regarding the ‘risk level’, I suspect that those who are doing the rating may have received a few pesos to make the levels look better than they actually are, so I took the liberty of moving all the levels ‘up a notch’, however the comments remain unedited.

Cabo San Lucas -a beautiful final resting place!

Transportation: (HIGH) there have been reports of people being robbed by the unlicensed taxis. Also, taxis are not metered, so always negotiate the price before the ride.  The public transport is not safe since theft on buses is common and buses have also been hijacked in conflict areas.

Pickpocket: (HIGH+) There is a high risk of pickpocketing in Cabo San Lucas. The risk is especially high for foreigners because thieves usually target them regarding the fact that they have either money or expensive items with them.

Mugging: (HIGH+) Virtual kidnapping is very common, so it is advisable not to share any personal information while in Cabo San Lucas. Also, criminals tend to kidnap people who wear expensive jewelry or watches and who show off with their latest gadgets.

Terrorism: (MEDIUM) Although Mexico does not report recent attacks, you should always be watchful.

Scams: (HIGH) Be watchful of people who offer you help, since they might ask for money for that.

Women Traveler Risk: (MEDIUM) There have been reports of sexual harassment in bars and nightclubs and assaults when traveling on public transport. Females should take precaution, even in areas close to hotels, especially after dark.

Drug-related violence: (MEDIUM) Drug-related violence is occurring less in Cabo San Lucas as the Mexican government makes a lot of effort to stop the crime and protect major tourist destinations from thieves and other criminals.

Natural disasters: (MEDIUM) hurricanes between July and September, earthquakes and volcanoes.  There are some areas, like Land’s End, the tip of the peninsula, where the beaches are not safe for swimming due to the currents.

So, not only am I going to a country that doesn’t really have the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval, I’m captive on a boat with a gang of partying, non-social-distancing drunks.  Sounds like a relaxing get-away to me!!!  But “Look at the beautiful ship”, says Linda.

Grand Princess

So, while you’re reading this blog in the comforts of your own home, having a nice cup of coffee or a shot of tequila – whatever gets you started in the morning – I may be in the Cabo San Lucas hospital, jail, morgue or quarantined, albeit on a beautiful ship, for the next two weeks.  And, wouldn’t you know it, my last hope of missing this cruise was lost when I tested ‘Negative’ for Covid!

If this is my last blog, I’d like to thank all you subscribers for your loyalty over the last ten years, especially those who take the time to respond frequently.  Sister, Suzanne, it’s been a great pleasure to be part of this ‘homage to our father’ with you. I suppose it’s only right that I should succumb to the ‘travel bug’?

Hasta Luego?

25 comments on “Adios Amigos?

  1. Well Linda must think Cabo is safer than Oceanside CA because she did not venture down there! She missed a good time!

  2. Well BOB SPARROW….you are a brave brave man!!! Good luck and come home safe!!!! I never ever have to tell you to have FUN!!

  3. We’re going on Princess in March from San Francisco to Hawaii. 5 days at sea going and coming and three islands. In August we have a land excursion from Anchorage to Mt. Denali and then a cruise from Anchorage to Victoria B.C. I am so happy for you that your experience has been great so far! Keep it up!

  4. Please let us know Bob! We have two rescheduled cruises next year, both on Princess! I thought I was the only one that called cruise ships floating petri dishes! I hope you and Linda have a great time!

    • So far so good. Ship is great, few people traveling, so ship crew is at our beck and call. We are scheduled for the Princess Majestic in Aug to Alaska. Safe travels Marie!

  5. Great writing as always. If you get back without any problems please let me know as we are headed on the same cruise in January. I’m fluent in Spanish, somewhat in English, and limited speech in Russian so I should be able to communicate (pay my way out of any situation). Have a great trip and be sure and get those Chiclets. Your roomie KP

    • So far so good – not a lot of people on board, which is nice. I’ll call you if I need some Russian translated, I hear they’ve taken over Cabo.

  6. Bob I remember that famous cruise your Dad and Mom took with there best friend. We gave them a sent off for all ages. I was toasted and drove some of us in the old yellow van. Found out a day later that your Dad’s best friend pasted away on the cruise ship. Think that kept me away from them for years to come. Finally tried the three day cruise. Sandy was sick from the get go. We tried two other cruise’s years later and Sandy still got sick using 15 different patches. I had two eat two breakfasts,lunches, and dinners. I had a great time on every cruise. Wonder if your safe with three Covid-19 shots? How smart am I because after the first Covid 19 spread a year ago I rushed out and bought on the open market 375 shares of Canival Cruise Lines. Guess what? I’m above water in those shares. Going to hold until I get much older. Should be good if we can stop the spread. Like stop the steal. Norski thinking. Great memories. GaryL

  7. We understand there is a nice hotel near the port of Los Angeles where you can quarantine for your 10 days upon arriving home in the US.

    Sorry we missed this cruise with you!! 🙀🙀

  8. If your research didn’t stop you from this cruise, nothing I can say will!
    Please have fun and be as safe as possible.

    • No, the cruise is only one week, the quarantine after the cruise is an addition two weeks – so I’m planning on a three week trip.

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